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These two have such a strong drive to help everyone with their fitness goals. You have a power couple giving you hope, determination, and guidance. 

Sweat n Sand Takes Pride in your health!  Let’s get sandy!

Heather has been traveling to Southwest Florida since she was a little girl. Her family has visited both the coasts of Florida and they couldn’t help but fall in love with Fort Myers Beach. It is a family friendly vacation spot with plenty of activities to make life long memories. Every year since she was fourteen they would travel down to Fort Myers Beach and stay at the GullWing Mid Island. They would never leave on a vacation without their softball gloves. Heather and her father would pitch at the tennis courts at the resort. This showed how dedicated she was to making sure they made time for practice, she never wanted to let her team down. Having a personal trainer to push her beyond limits was what made her achieve so many awards during her career. From all state, all conference, to athlete of the year Heather’s drive is what makes her all that she can be! Shows how competitive and dedicated she is to succeeding.

While Heather was deeply invested in softball, Kevin was making a name for himself in Track and Field. He never got an opportunity to join sports the first couple years of high school. But his Junior and Senior year he made up for it. Kevin was determined to make a name for himself. The drive he had to be the best he could be accomplishing conference champ and regional champ in the high jump. After high school, he began to work as a personal trainer helping people achieve any fitness goal they could dream of. Kevin has grown to new levels from creating relationships with clients to fulfilling personal goals.